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I was in such a lovely state of relaxation I did not want it to end. When Isabel came back into the room (she's always just a call away), I moved slowly to sit up. Coming home, I had a long tea break and eased back into my day. I was very thirsty and hungry so I drank lots of water and ate delicious food. I mean extremely delicious- my sense of taste was heightened.

The following morning was the next amazing experience. I woke up feeling rested and energetic. But most, astoundingly, I felt some of my old joyful spirit! Yeah!

I'm going to see Isabel twice a week for a few weeks and am so thankful we have such an amazing practitioner in our midst.

with joy and gratitude,

Thank you for being so understanding and kind. I feel very lifted from the acupuncture. You work wonders!

Thank you,

Thank you for your time and energy spent on me. Things are improving and you're a lovely person to be around!


Without Isabel's help and understanding/patience, I would never have been able to have the smooth recovery after surgery. I am so happy to have had her in my life before and after!


I had to share...
Woke up this morning feeling 110%.
I'm so thankful for your care!


Thank you so much for my treatment tonight. I now have great confidence that my surgery will go as planned. You have such a beautiful demeanor. I feel so relaxed. I appreciate you staying so I could have a one hour session.
My Best,


Testimonials - Demers Acupuncture in Newport, Maine

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Testimonials - Demers Acupuncture in Newport, Maine